IX Pelota Pairs Tournament “Bodegas Tarón”

Bodegas Tarón PEÑIN 2023
Peñin Guide 2024 awards more than 90 points to three wines from Bodegas Tarón
28 July, 2023
Bodegas-Tarón-Rioja-Alta-Torneo Tarón 2023
Retegi Bi and Aldave are proclaimed champions of the IX Bodegas Tarón Pelota Tournament.
25 September, 2023

On the morning of 11 August, the prestigious company Garfe and Bodegas Tarón proudly unveiled the 9th edition of the Bodegas Tarón Pelota Tournament. An event that brings with it the skill, vigour and tradition of this ancestral sport that runs through the veins of our beloved Riojan land. A competition full of adrenaline and competition, where the most skilful and determined pairs of pelotaris will face each other in a great show.

The structure of this tournament, presented at the Bar Restaurante La Catedral in Logro, is made up of five exciting matches, in which six exceptional pairs will compete for glory. Quarter-finals, semi-finals and, of course, the grand final, are the stepping stones in this epic climb to victory. The curtain rises in Navarrete on 14th August at 18:00h, where LABAKA – AIZPURU and VICTOR -ITURRIAGA will show their mastery on the court. The excitement doesn’t stop there, as on August 16th at 18:30h, in the beautiful town of Tirgo, we will witness an epic confrontation between PRADO – MERINO II and ETXEBARRIA II – GARMENDIA.

The emotions will reach their peak during the semi-finals. On 19 August at 20:00h in CUZCURRITA DE RIO TIRÓN, ELIZALDE – LADIS GALARZA will face the winners of Navarrete. But that’s not all, as on August 26th at 18:30h in SAJAZARRA, RETEGI BI – ALDAVE will measure their skills against the winners of Tirgo.

However, the real pinnacle of this magnificent competition is reserved for 16 September. In a setting that maintains its aura of mystery, the grand final will display all its majesty.

We cannot overlook the exciting addition of Víctor Esteban, the talented pelotari from La Rioja, to the Garfe family as the new signing of the company that organises pelota festivals. This move promises to add even more fire to the competition, as Victor Esteban brings with him his unique skill and burning passion for the sport.

Finally, let’s not forget the prize that awaits the champions: the iconic and traditional award of their weight in Bodegas Tarón wine. This liquid treasure is not only a tribute to their exceptional performance on the court, but also a toast to the passion, dedication and craftsmanship that surrounds both the world of pelota and winemaking.

Let the clash of balls and the scent of wine resound in the air as together we create a new chapter in the history of Rioja pelota!

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