Bodegas Tarón holds a wine and food tasting with the Catalan press at the Avenir restaurant

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Bodegas Tarón holds a wine and food tasting with the Catalan press at the Avenir restaurant

At the beginning of the week, Bodegas Tarón disembarked in Barcelona for a wine and food tasting at the renowned Avenir restaurant. Almost twenty specialised media and Catalan prescriptors attended this event to get to know and taste the most exclusive wines of our winery, paired with the gastronomic creations designed for the occasion.

Tarón Tempranillo Blanco 2020, Patines 2016, Tarón Cepas Centenarias 2016 and Pantocrátor 2010 were, without a doubt, the stars of the day, shining with their own light in the company of the:  Bombón de anguila al “all i pebre”; Ajos confitados; Boque-choa; Pez Escolar a la Meuniere; Caballa curada con ajoblanco de coco al ajo quemado y curry; Crema de “trinxat” with smoked apple and eel; Ravioli stuffed with stuffed squid; “Cap i pota” with cuttlefish; Duck with pear fat; Lamb with bread croutons and garlic sabayon; Roast veal head and, finally, Mini cheesecake.

Our manager, Gonzalo Salazar de Gurendes, and the oenologist of Bodegas Tarón, Laura Manzanos, attended this wine tasting with the press, commenting on the nuances, elaborations and particularities of each of the wines served.

There was also time for the talk and presentation of the winery, insisting on the idea of Territorio Tarón as the union of four villages in Rioja Alta with a long tradition in grape growing and being the northernmost winery of the DOCa Rioja (at the foot of the Obarenes Mountains).

Undoubtedly, an exceptional opportunity to present our winery and products to the most reputable prescribers in the sector, who were pleasantly surprised with what they saw, heard and tasted.

The wines tasted

 Patiens 2016, a tribute to the historic whites of Rioja Alta.

Patiens, in its double meaning of patient and suffering, perfectly defines the eternal cycle in which the old Viura vines, planted in dry soil and exposed to the harsh climate of the Obarenes Mountains, give us a very limited production of very valuable clusters. After a long period of ageing, we obtain an immortal wine, made in the tradition of the historic Rioja Alta whites.


Tarón Cepas Centenarias 2016, a tribute to the passage of time in Rioja Alta.

Tarón Cepas Centenarias 2016 is a gift from our ancestors. A jewel that we can enjoy today thanks to all those who preceded us in the cultivation of vines in Territorio Tarón. Our great-grandparents and grandparents were already involved in viticulture. They were the ones who passed on to us a way of doing and feeling things, teachings that we want to capture in our wines.


Pantocrátor 2010, the legendary ageing capacity of the great wines of Rioja Alta raised to its maximum expression.

The most exceptional wine of Bodegas Tarón. A limited edition aged wine that is only produced in excellent vintages. A wine with its own identity that reflects the work and essence of Territorio Tarón. A Rioja wine that is already a legend.

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