The VIII Bodegas Táron handball tournament, underway

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5 July, 2022
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The VIII Bodegas Táron handball tournament, underway

Once again, and this is the eighth year, Bodegas Tarón will continue to support one of the most deeply-rooted sports in La Rioja: hand pelota. This has been demonstrated during the presentation of the eighth edition of the tournament that bears its name “Torneo de pelota a mano Bodegas Tarón”. Its manager, Gonzalo Salazar de Gurendes, and representatives of the Rioja company Garfe have announced the details of the championship at a press conference held at the Casa Eloy restaurant in Fuenmayor.

“From Bodegas Tarón, we continue to support this sport that brings us so many victories and joys. A collaboration that unites us with the best pelota in La Rioja”, explained Gonzalo Salazar. It should be remembered that it was precisely Rioja pelota that won the last edition of the tournament, thanks to the pair formed by Prado – Merino II.

In its eighth edition, the Bodegas Tarón hand pelota tournament will consist of five matches that will take place in some of the most representative pelota courts in the community, such as Navarrete, Badarán, Tirgo, Sajazarra and Cuzcurrita, the latter reserved for the grand final.

In addition, there will be 6 pairs distributed in quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals, according to the following schedule and distribution:

The quarter-finals, which will be broadcast on television, will be played as follows:

  • In Navarrete, on 14th August (6 p.m.), with these two pairings: IRIBARREN-LADIS GALARTZA vs ETXEBARRIA II-BERGERA
  • In Badarán, on 16th August (5.30 p.m.), with these two pairs: URIBE-IRUSTA vs ELIZALDE-AIZPURU

The semi-finals will be played according to the following schedule:

  • In Tirgo, on 16 August (6 p.m.), with PRADO-ITURRIAGA vs the winners of Navarrete.
  • In Sajazarra, on 19 August (6.30 p.m.), with LABAKA-UNTORIA against the winners of Badarán.

The grand final will be played on 29 September in Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón. As is tradition, the winning pair will receive their weight in Bodegas Tarón wine.

Winners of the Bodegas Tarón Tournament

  • 2016: XALA-SAINZ II
  • 2017: XALA-CECILIO

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