Bodegas Tarón presents its new line of labels

“I assume the presidency as a continuation, not a change”.
19 January, 2022
Territorio Tarón, the place where you’ll wish time would stand still
4 April, 2022

At Bodegas Tarón (DOCa Rioja) we have started the year 2022 with a new image for our wines; specifically for the range of young wines, Crianza, Reserva and 4M. With these new labels, we seek to convey the winemaking excellence of Tarón, a Territory made up of four villages: Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón, Sajazarra, Tirgo and Villaseca.

The tradition of vine cultivation, the historical-artistic heritage and a unique environment unite these four small villages of Rioja Alta on the road to wine-making excellence. Therefore, this change of image responds to this desire to transmit the character of the Territory, forged through generations of winegrowers who have taught us their know-how.

On the new labels of Tarón Crianza and Tarón Reserva, the coats of arms of the four villages take centre stage. In addition, for the first time, the name Territorio Tarón has been included, in order to identify the unique character of its grapes and wines.

For the range of young wines: Tarón Tempranillo, Tarón Blanco and Tarón Rosado, we have sought a fresh, fun image, in keeping with the time of consumption. But, equally, the identity of our four towns continues to be the protagonist, through illustrations that reflect the most representative heritage, natural and cultural elements of each one.

In the case of Tarón 4M, a slight restyling has been chosen, but maintaining the die-cut silhouette of the Obarenes Mountains, which give meaning and shelter to Territorio Tarón.

This change of look is also a declaration of intent of where we want to take our steps in this new stage under the presidency of the winemaker and partner Ángel Samaniego, who in 2021 replaced Jesús Ruiz, after more than 15 years in office. A firm commitment to attract critical consumers eager to find authenticity, essence and truth in wine.

In short, the transmission of excellence, the Tarón character and the identity of the Territory have served as guidelines for the creation of these new labels, which have been designed by Calcco, a studio from Logroño specialising in wine packaging.

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