Tarón Reserva
30 June, 2018
20 July, 2018

TARÓN Cepas Centenarias

T he grapes are from vineyards over 100 years old. Altitude: 550 metres. Clayey, calcareous soil. Cluster production per vine leaf of 5,000 kg/ha. Cluster thinning takes place at the onset of ripening. Harvesting is performed by hand, selecting only grapes that are perfectly healthy and ripe..

Key ingredients

Vivamus faucibus

100% Tempranillo

Vivamus faucibus

Best served at around 14°C.

Vivamus faucibus

While the grapes are in the vats, dry ice is used to prevent oxidation and facilitate cold maceration. Temperature levels are controlled and, at fermentation, do not exceed 24°C. Once fermentation has begun, the lees are stirred daily and racked twice in order to extract maximum colour and aroma. Total number of days spent in the vats: 21. AGEING This wine has spent seven months in barrels of new French oak and 10 months in the bottle.

Cherry-coloured, with a maroon edge and good surface. Very elegant, complex aroma of ripe fruits, with floral notes, traces of sweet spices and spirits and balsamic, cocoa-infused, mineral tones. Strong in the mouth, flavoursome, plump and rounded, toasted and with a good balance of fruit and wood. Mature tannins. Fruity aftertaste and a very long finish.